I write to make people laugh, get edgy and remember experiences that they can blame it all on. I’ve written a memoir, a novel and many short stories. I’m working on a new mystery-adventure novel that, as I write it,  makes me edgy. I guess, it’s working.

For a kick, go to the website for my first book Trouble in Flatbush .

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  1. My old friend Benny sent me a copy of your book, extolling the virtues of our life in the Brooklyn suburb on Ave. M and East 3rd St. The memories hidden in the depths of my mind jumped straight to my minds cache and I began to relive those wonderful days on the block and the world of Jewish and Italian people that formed my thought process for oh so many years. As the only Christian Scientist, I often felt like an outside, but just as I would start to get depressed, Hesh would yell to my window and let me know that a punch ball game was being started. We were so independent; if we wanted to player roller hockey, we built nets; for basketball we built a backboard and nailed a hoop onto it and the vertical beam so it could be leaned on a lamp post. Under the lights we could play all night, Of course one had to avoid some of the lower hanging branches or a shot would be blocked.
    What a group of people lived on the block. Perhaps, the most sincere was Sadie; Juniors (and Ronnie’s) mother. Juniors name was jerry DeRienzo and he played the accordion. Sadie would always have Italian food after a hard game of punch ball and we could expect pizza, spaghetti, and more Italian snacks. Junior was probably the best punch ball player of our group and we played it frequently. Others participating were Hesh, Steven Salmon, Jay, Ginch (Gilbert Cornick and his brother Marty), Denise Cruncher, Bimbo and Bobby Galardi, Leroy and sometimes when we were short of players we reached out to 2nd or 3rd Street and even up 3rd Street towards Ave. N. The intruders came from all over and included, Angelo, Joe Santa, Ray Gisteria, Alan Weber, and Steve Pesson. When all opportunities failed to get a serious team we fell back to Irving, Bernard Savitt who was good because we could always get back to his house and ogle Corinne.
    The same selection process went on for the touch football and hockey games. However, for hockey we reached out to Ocean Parkway and Ave. N, where Cliffy the Clown had the best set of goalie padding in the neighborhood, Even with the helmet, should pads, hip pads and shin guards, Cliffie did not allow the lifting of the puck.
    Then there were the card games of dreese at the corner where we played all night and had the thrill of looking into the beauty parlor at night and experienced the sexuality of washing a women’s hair. I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only one who tormented Irving… I recall a time when he has just finished a load of wash and was pulling up the wet wash on the dumbwaiter (we didn’t have a dryer) and we went into Bennie’s apt. and pulled the laundry off the waiter as it passed. Irving’s sister yelled at Irving when the dumb waiter arrived that there was nothing on it and when Irving put his head in the waiter’s tube, we dumbed it on his. The laugh was good for a week.
    Hesh, Ray, Angelo and I were actually attacked by a gang of 50 kids from Ave. U and got in a brawl and of course we one so the stories lasted forever. I also remember Richie Shore and his sister bubby, Lorraine and Gertrude Collier, Barbra and Joanie, Rochelle Frish and who could forget the overwhelming Suzie who stopped traffic when she walked down the street in her tight outfits.
    But the greatest character was Nr. Miller, the mayor and Arthur Miller’s son. He was the prototype for the father in “All MY Sons’ and he did indeed assign us tasks to keep the neighborhood straight. Then when Arthur showed up in a T-Bird with Marilyn, all hell broke loose.

    I loved your book and the memories it invoked. Thanks for writing it.

  2. Hey, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, wonderful blog!


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